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icomoon – readme

IcoMoon-Free is a free vector icon pack by [Keyamoon](http://keyamoon.com).

The icons in this package were designed on a 16px grid and they look best when used at sizes that are a multiple of 16px. For example, 16px, 32px, 48px, 64px, etc.

This package contains the icons in different formats. To access all icons in a single file, you can use the PSD, PDF or the AI (Adobe Illustrator) file.

This icon pack comes with a desktop font which you can install and use in any application that allows choosing custom fonts for your type. Refer to the "Read Me.txt" file inside the "Fonts" directory to learn more.

To access the icons in the [IcoMoon app](https://icomoon.io/app), you can import the "IcoMoon-Free.json" file. Using this app, you can export the icons you select as fonts, SVG, Polymer icons, PDF, CSH, XAML, PNG and CSS sprites.

To access the icons as separate files, look under the "SVG", "EPS" or "PDF" directories. The "PNG" folder contains all icons as raster images, in 4 different sizes.

Visit [IcoMoon.io](https://icomoon.io) for more information.